Kelland Homes

De La Salle


Architecture documentation

Architectural Design Statement
D1808-01 OS Map - Site Location Map
D1808-02 Existing Site Survey
D1808-03 Existing Site Survey - Demolition
D1808-04 Demolition Drawings - Existing School Building
D1808-05 Demolition Drawings - Ancillary Buildings and The Monastery
D1808-06 Masterplan
D1808-07 Proposed Site Plan
D1808-08 Proposed Site Plan - Basement Level
D1808-09 Proposed Site Plan - Ground Floor Level
D1808-10 Proposed Site Plan - First Floor Level
D1808-11 Public Open Space
D1808-12 Taking in Charge
D1808-13 Phasing
D1808-14 Part V
D1808-15 North Elevation
D1808-16 South Elevation
D1808-17 East Elevation
D1808-18 West Elevation
D1808-19 Site Section AA
D1808-20 Site Section BB
D1808-21 Site Section CC
D1808-22 Site Section DD
D1808-23 Site Section EE
D1808-24 Site Section FF
D1808-25 Site Section GG
D1808-26 Site Section HH
D1808-27 Street Sections
D1808-28 Street Sections
D1808-29 Street Sections
D1808-30 Street Sections
D1808-31 Street Sections
D1808-32 Exisitng Structure - Site Layout Existing and Proposed
D1808-33 Existing Structure - Existing Ground Floor Plan
D1808-34 Existing Structure - Existing First Floor Plan and Typical Section
D1808-35 Existing Structure - Existing Roof Plan
D1808-36 Existing Structure - Existing Elevations
D1808-37 Existing Structure - Demolition Drawings - Ground Floor Plan
D1808-38 Existing Structure - Demolition Drawings - First Floor Plan and Typical Section
D1808-39 Existing Structure - Demolition Drawings - Roof Plan
D1808-40 Existing Structure - Demolition Drawings - Elevations
D1808-41 Existing Structure - Proposed Floor Plans
D1808-42 Existing Structure - Proposed Roof Plan
D1808-43 Existing Structure - Proposed Elevations
D1808-44 Existing Structure - Stairs - Existing state and proposed works
D1808-45 Existing Structure - Hallway - Existing state and proposed works
D1808-A-01 Block A - Basement and Ground Floor Plan
D1808-A-02 Block A - First and Second Floor Plan
D1808-A-03 Block A - Third and Fourth Floor Plan
D1808-A-04 Block A - Roof Plan and Sections
D1808-A-05 Block A - Sections and Elevations
D1808-B-01 Block B - Ground Floor Plan
D1808-B-02 Block B - First and Second Floor Plan
D1808-B-03 Block B - Third and Fourth Floor Plan
D1808-B-04 Block B - Fifth and Sixth Floor Plan
D1808-B-05 Block B - Seventh Floor Plan and Roof Plan
D1808-B-06 Block B - Elevations
D1808-B-07 Block B - Sections
D1808-B-08 Block B - Sections
D1808-C-01 Block C - Basement Plan
D1808-C-02 Block C - Ground and First Floor Plan
D1808-C-03 Block C - Second and Third Floor Plan
D1808-C-04 Block C - Fourth and Fifth Floor Plan
D1808-C-05 Block C - Sixth Floor and Roof Plan
D1808-C-06 Block C - Sections_Inner Elevations
D1808-C-07 Block C - Elevations
D1808-D-01 Block D - Ground Floor Plan
D1808-D-02 Block D - First Floor Plan
D1808-D-03 Block D - Second Floor Plan
D1808-D-04 Block D - Third Floor Plan
D1808-D-05 Block D - Fourth Floor Plan
D1808-D-06 Block D - Fifth Floor Plan
D1808-D-07 Block D - Sixth Floor Plan
D1808-D-08 Block D - Roof Plan
D1808-D-09 Block D - Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4
D1808-D-10 Block D - Sections 5, 6, 7 and 8
D1808-D-11 Block D - Sections 9, 10 and East Elevation
D1808-D-12 Block D - North, West and South Elevations
D1808-E-01 BLOCK E - Plans
D1808-E-02 BLOCK E - Sections and Elevations
D1808-F-01 Block F - Basement and Ground Floor Plan
D1808-F-02 Block F - First and Second Floor Plan
D1808-F-03 Block F - Third and Fourth Floor Plan
D1808-F-04 Block F - Fifth and Sixth Floor Plan
D1808-F-05 Block F - Seventh and Eighth Floor Plan
D1808-F-06 Block F - Ninth Floor and Roof Plan
D1808-F-07 Block F - Sections
D1808-F-08 Block F - Elevations
D1808-G-01 Block G - Ground Floor Plan
D1808-G-02 Block G - First Floor Plan
D1808-G-03 Block G - Second Floor Plan
D1808-G-04 Block G - Third Floor Plan
D1808-G-05 Block G - Fourth Floor Plan
D1808-G-06 Block G - Fifth Floor Plan
D1808-G-07 Block G - Sixth Floor Plan
D1808-G-08 Block G - Seventh Floor Plan
D1808-G-09 Block G - Eigth Floor Plan
D1808-G-10 Block G - Ninth Floor Plan
D1808-G-11 Block G - Roof Plan
D1808-G-12 Block G - East and West Elevation
D1808-G-13 Block G - South and North Elevation
D1808-G-14 Block G - Sections_Inner Elevations
D1808-G-15 Block G - Sections_Inner Elevations
D1808-G-16 Block G - Sections_Inner Elevations
D1808-H-01 Block H - Basement Plan
D1808-H-02 Block H - Ground Floor Plan
D1808-H-03 Block H - First and Second Floor Plans
D1808-H-04 Block H - Third and Fourth Floor Plans
D1808-H-05 Block H - Fifth and Sixth Floor Plans
D1808-H-06 Block H - Seventh and Eighth Floor Plans
D1808-H-07 Block H - Ninth and Tenth Floor Plans
D1808-H-08 Block H - Eleventh and Twelfth Floor Plans
D1808-H-09 Block H - Roof Plan and Section
D1808-H-10 Block H - Sections_Inner Elevations
D1808-H-11 Block H - Sections_Inner Elevations
D1808-H-12 Block H - Elevations
D1808-H-13 Block H - Elevations
D1808-TD-01 Typical Foundation Details
Residential Amenity Report